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 Raistlin's Application [Work In Progress]

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PostSubject: Raistlin's Application [Work In Progress]   Sun Aug 16, 2009 11:45 am

Name: Alexander Remisk
Nickname: Alex
Age: 14

Appearance: Alex is about 5'5 feet in height. He has dark blue, bordering on black hair, which seems windswept most of the time, though his bangs cover his forehead. Alex's eyes are a dark gray in color, reminiscent of a storm cloud, though one can easily view them as calculating and cold when looking at them. His facial features look European in heritage.

Alex usually prefers to wear a certain set of garb. From the top moving down, Alex's garb begins with a long, dark green scarf, which is wrapped around his neck. Continuing down, Alex has a black jacket, which has a long collar, and extends to about a third of the way to his knees. The Jacket also has several hidden pockets crafted into it, which Alex uses to hold various things. Underneath the jacket, Alex prefers to wear a light, dark gray sweater. Finally, underneath his sweater, Alex usually wear a light green T-shirt. Alex also wears a pair of red gloves on each hand.

Continuing down, Alex continues his ensemble with a pair of black sweatpants, though each pant leg has a line of blue running down the side. Alex usually wears plain, white socks. He finishes his look with a pair of comfortable black tennis shoes.

Of course this is only when he can wear this garb. Being enrolled at Duel Academy, he's stuck in the uniform most of the time. Not everyone can pull a Chazz and ignore the dress code you know. xD

Personality: Alex is a mysterious sort. Usually, he will often keeps his thoughts and emotions to himself. Alexander is a sly and cunning sort, preferring to utilize trickery both inside and outside duels. A fan of effect monsters, quick play spell cards, and trap cards, Alex prefers to utilize deception and surprise. Extremely intelligent, Alex studies when able, though he's not one to flaunt his abilities.

Self Description: Sly

Duel Powers: Alex, while having no other powers, does have a Duel Spirit. His favorite card, the Royal Magical Library, will usually dispense advice to him. Though he usually consults it in privacy, as people will wonder what the heck he's doing while he peruses one of the books the Library makes to offer its input.

History: Alex was born to a rather well off family, his father being a decently successful business man. His mother a professor at a rather high ranking college. We could cover his first few years as a baby, but that would be boring. Let's skip ahead to... age 4 shall we? Wink

From the age of 4, Alex was first introduced to duel monsters. His mother had already started him reading, and Alex was entranced by knights and castles, the stuff of fairy tales. As such, to the 4 year old's mind, the cards with their magnificent beasts were simply awesome. Once his parents learned he was interested in Duel Monsters, they hired tutors to teach him the rules, and how to play the game.

By the age of 5, Alex was a rather intelligent kid... for his age of course. In addition to knowing the ins and outs of duel monsters, he also knew rudimentary division and multiplication... but mostly he knew Duel Monsters. His dream at the time was to go to Duel Academy, where the elite of the elite went to train.

By the age of 7, Alex was usually studying away. Studying, meaning he did normal school courses for much of the day, before playing Duel Monsters. At this age, Alex first began to form his bond with his Royal Magical Library card, valuing it for its ability and defense. He included the max of the card allowed, 3, into his decks always.

At the age of 8, Alex first encountered his Duel Spirit. While sleeping, he felt a weight on his chest, causing him to wake up. To his surprise, he found himself on his bed, in the middle of a library. Turning his attention to the book that had fallen on him, Alex carefully opened it, only for writing to appear. Hello Alex, I am the spirit of the Royal Magical Library. Would you like to be friends? Alex, excited, agreed to the question. He woke up the next day, thinking it was a dream, only for the book from last night to fall out of the air into his hands. Opening it, he saw his 3 Royal Magical Library cards were... different. Not visually, no, but they now had a certain aura to them.

Year 9 of Alex's life, he was known to be extremely bright. Though a solitary kid, his dueling skills were impressive, and more importantly, he wasn't an idiot.

Deck Name: Rabbitslayer
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PostSubject: Re: Raistlin's Application [Work In Progress]   Thu Sep 03, 2009 3:46 am

Really nice. Just post a picture at 'appearance'.

No spam. You'll be punished!!!
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Raistlin's Application [Work In Progress]
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